Is it safe: Axes and Alcohol?

It’s always “Beer 30” at Blade & Timber.* And because axe safety is our top priority, we always prioritize a positive environment for friends, families and coworkers to throw some axes…while also serving drinks. Feeling a little nervous about axes and alcohol? Here’s how we keep our guests safe:

Alcohol Safety Guidelines:

  • Only 21+ Can Drink (obviously)
    We check all guest IDs at the door. So, be sure to bring it. If you’re 21 or older, you can throw a few forward
    and toss a few back. Nice.
  • Wristbands for Everyone
    If you are 21 or older and planning to drink, a coach will wristband you with a green wristband after you’ve checked in and signed our waiver. Our wristband colors tell the coaches who can and can’t drink at Blade & Timber. 
  • Drink Limit
    For all locations serving alcohol, guests 21+ may order and enjoy up to three drinks while throwing.* Each time we’re serving drinks, our coaches will hole-punch your wristband. If you want more than three drinks, put down the axe and we’ll give you a different wristband to enjoy drinks at our bar. In addition to limiting the number of drinks, all of our alcoholic beverages are limited in alcohol content – whether we’re mixing a cocktail or serving beer or wine. Our alcohol selection varies by location, so check your location’s page for details! For Seattle throwers, please note our 2-beer limit for now. 
  • Throw In the Lane, Drink At Your Seat
    We know slinging the axe with one hand while you’re holding a drink in the other sounds like the perfect challenge, but that’s a pair we will always keep separate.
  • Our Coaches Make the Final Call
    While there is a drink limit, our coaches make the final call in our facilities. If a coach notices a guest drinking irresponsibly, the guest will lose their axe throwing privileges and be invited to throw axes at a later date. We call this our “no shenanigans” rule.

That’s it, it’s pretty simple.  We’ve got your axe safety covered so that you can worry less & enjoy more. In 2019, we safely served combined axes and alcohol for more than 200,000 guests at Blade & Timber.

Check to see what food and beverage options are available at your nearest Blade & Timber location! 

*ESPECIALLY in Seattle!  We are now serving up to two drinks for 21+ throwers with our long-awaited victory in Seattle. Blade & Timber is the only axe throwing venue in the state to work with the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to provide our guests with cheers & beers!  Read more on our year-long journey here.  


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