Wondering how hard it is to master the bullseye? Don’t worry, here’s how Blade &  Timber Made It Easy.

We get this question all the time: “I’ve never been axe throwing. What even is it?” 

Do I have to be athletic? 
Should I bring my own axe? 
Is this safe? 
What if I’m nervous? 

Axe throwing is one of the fastest-growing entertainment activities in North America. You don’t need any special skills, past experience or a burly beard to join in on the fun. In fact, slinging an axe is easier than you think. 

Let us explain… 

Blade & Timber Safety is top-notch.
In the same way your favorite bar or local gym differs from others, axe throwing facilities come in all shapes and sizes. Many facilities have two-target bays to fit larger groups of 8-16 people. At Blade & Timber, we offer single-target lanes for a number of reasons, with safety being at the top of that list, along with more options for smaller groups (2-6 people.)

 As a Blade & Timber guest, you’ll spend your first 15 minutes reviewing safety, rules and throwing techniques with your designated coach. Throughout the 90-minute experience, your coach will regularly check-in and teach you techniques and trick shots. And since our coaches are AXEperts, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to safely stick it within minutes. 

Learning About Axes
Although they are all roughly the same shape, the size and material will differ. Our 18” axes weigh three pounds and have rubber handles, wrapped in athletic tape to ensure that you have a firm grip while throwing. For guests that have a hard time with our three-pound axe, we also offer a smaller 1.5-pound axe upon request. Your axe throwing coach will give you tips on how to grip the axe, where to stand and how to master momentum when throwing an axe, while also answering any questions. 

Mastering the Bullseye
At Blade & Timber, we are firm believers that anyone can become a lumberjack (or Jill) in just 90 minutes. In fact, it’s our mission that no guest leaves without sticking an axe. We’re confident that your experience at Blade & Timber will last long after your first bullseye. To find out what axe throwing truly is, you’ll just have to try it yourself. 

Ready to sling an axe? Find your nearest location here and plan your lumberjack-inspired adventure.

Still have burning questions about axe throwing? Read all about Blade & Timber on our FAQ page.


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