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Join One of Our Axe Throwing Leagues

Do you have a plaid habit? Want an AXEciting hobby? Wish you could throw axes EVERY WEEK?
Join Blade & Timber’s 2v2 axe throwing league nearest to you for some friendly competition – no AXEperience needed!

  • Master the bullseye with lessons from our certified axe coaches
  • Join your teammate in crushing new competition each week
  • Get an exclusive Blade & Timber league shirt
  • Impress your friends and family with your new axe throwing skills
  • Win the end-of-season tournament to be the CHAMPION axe throwing duo

Find A League

▸ 7-week regular season + 1 tournament week
▸ Monday evenings
▸ One 2v2 match per week during the regular season with up to 1.5 hours of gameplay each night
▸ Tournament champions will receive a league medal and $240 in Blade & Timber gift cards!

March 23: Last day for regular registration = $85/person
March 24 – 30:
Late registration; shirt not guaranteed by Week One = $100/person

Spring Registration NOW OPEN
Winter Season League
Leagues Starting This Summer!
Leagues Starting Soon!
Questions About Leagues?

League FAQ’s

What are Blade & Timber leagues?
  • Blade & Timber Leagues are recreational axe throwing leagues that are open to men & women who are looking to participate in something truly axecellent! Participants play one day a week (check your location for the specific day) for 8 weeks, which includes 7 weeks of regular play & 1 tournament week.
  • We run leagues by seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), so be sure to sign up for our mailing list and check our social media accounts to learn more about leagues!
How does signing up a team work?
  • Go to www.bladeandtimber.com/leagues
  • Click the “sign up” button for your desired location
  • Sign up for your League Ally account
  • Once your account is created, login & follow the steps to sign up & pay for your spot
  • You can now invite your teammate through the system via email
  • Each player receives an email invite, signs up (using same email as invite), and pays individually
Why do you charge per person and not per team?
  • Charging per team
    • Leaves the financial burden entirely on one person, the team captain
    • Makes it difficult to get the proper shirts & sizes to the right players/teams
  • Charging per player
    • Gives us every player’s information so we can notify everyone when there are rainouts or changes. This way it is not the team captain’s sole responsibility to pass information along
    • Allows our system to collect a waiver from each player
    • Helps keeps teams accountable to make sure they come to their scheduled came each week
What is a Sub & How do they work?
  • A Sub is a player who can’t commit to playing every week but would like to be invited on an as-needed basis
  • Subs are allowed to play for free. If they are going to play on your team more than twice per season, they need to be invited to your roster and paid through the system
What is a Free Agent?
  • A Free Agent is someone who doesn’t have enough players to form a team and would like to be drafted onto a team to pay and play every week
  • There is no cost to be a Free Agent until you are invited to a team, then it will cost to join that league
How will Blade & Timber notify teams/players of weather issues or cancellations?
  • Since Axe throwing is an indoor league, we don’t anticipate needing to cancel, but we are constantly monitoring the weather and always want to make sure our participants stay safe
  • We will ALWAYS email participants if we need to cancel for any reason, if you don’t hear from us, leagues are on!
Are there any makeup weeks?
  • We don’t anticipate needing to cancel any of our axe throwing leagues, but we build in 1 makeup week into the schedule just in case!
  • If there is a need for additional makeup weeks (2+), Blade & Timber will work to schedule the additional makeup weeks, but it is not guaranteed as our seasons are back to back and sometimes there is not enough time for additional make-ups
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