Rieger's Remedy Hand Sanitizer

Blade & Timber recently shipped 1,500 pounds of sanitizer over the ocean to serve our Honolulu community. Learn more about our Honolulu distribution.

In March 2020, Blade & Timber partnered with J. Rieger & Co. to help distribute much needed liquid sanitizer to Kansas City and surrounding communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In two months, Blade & Timber set up contactless, drive-thru pick up locations in nine cities and townships to distribute more than 12,000 bottles of Rieger’s Remedy Hand Sanitizer to the community.

As the community slowly reopens, we have ended the sanitizer pickup services for now. We hope there will never be a need for our contactless, drive-thru pickup in the future.

While supplies last, Blade & Timber will continue to sell Rieger’s Remedy Hand Sanitizer at:

PRICING: $32+tax for a 2-liter bottle

Ingredients: Ethanol, glycerine, hydrogen peroxide, water. 80% ABV

Questions? Email: sanitizer@bladeandtimber.com


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