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Rieger’s Remedy Hand Sanitizer inventory updated periodically. We cannot accept new orders until we receive new bottles!

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Rieger’s Remedy Hand Sanitizer by J. Rieger & Co. will be available for preorder and curbside pickup at Blade & Timber axe throwing in Town Center Plaza during designated dates and times. You must purchase sanitizer online to receive a specific date and time for pickup. No payments will be accepted in person.

  • $32 – 2 Liter Rieger’s Remedy
  • $6 – 4 oz. Rieger’s Remedy


  1. Click the “BUY NOW”  button below and purchase, when inventory is available*
  2. Choose up to one (1) product size each, per person**
  3. Arrive at Blade & Timber Town Center 5203 W 117th St. Leawood, KS 66211 during your designated pickup date and time, following these directions
  4. Be ready with your name and a digital receipt
  5. Do not exit your car or pickup – our staff will meet you outside

Questions? Email: sanitizer@bladeandtimber.com
**Your order will be canceled and refunded if you exceed purchase amount restrictions.

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